“Dinakis Brothers” company is a traditional family business based in “Papagianni”, the lowland village in the prefecture of Florina, located just 10 km east of the city and at an altitude of 670 meters , a village famous for the unique sources of “sour” (naturally carbonated) water. This water , which is famous for its purity and its beneficial for human health properties, has been spilling over the past years in our area from taps (private and public) and wells.

One of these wells came into possession of the grandfather Petros Dinakis in the late 19th century. This well quickly stood out for the quality and clarity of its water: crowds of not only locals rushed to supply the unique water to meet their abundance of needs. It is also characteristic that the value of the water spoken had been discovered by the French troops which camped with their animals around the well since the First World War.

Above this treasure, in 1971 the first beverage production business in the area we participated in as shareholders was set up. In 1983, our family business (which operates in its present form under the name “Dinakis Brothers”) was founded by Lazaros and Dimitrios Dinakis. Within the premises of the company, in the yard of the factory, one can still see the historic well.

From then until today, joyfully we pump this gift of nature in our region and by combining it with excellent Greek juices and natural raw materials, we produce a refreshment of superior quality and taste. Our long experience, know-how, research and imagination combined with our respect and love for the art of producing soft drinks have always been our compass on the journey to produce a unique product: a soft drink that respects and combines like no other the past with the present, natural taste with modern consumer needs and tradition with innovation.

Production process
It is worth mentioning that the production process is controlled – so that products won’t be altered and in order to reach the consumers always fresh – and non-massive in the modern sense, since we try not to over abstract the sour water.

At the same time, it is worth noticing that the production of PET bottles takes place at the premises of our factory.

In “FLORINA’S DINAKI” for many years we have been passing the secrets of producing beverages from father to son, we are improving everyday and faithfully serving the modern needs of the consumers who trust us.