The Company

Dinakis Bros is a traditional greek family business producing quality beverages with natural carbonated water which is locally called ‘xino nero’.

Our premises are located in Northern Greece near the village Papagianni which is worldwide famous for its natural sour springs. ‘Xino nero’ means sour water in Greek and for many years the locals have been drinking this precious water both as a medicine and as a refreshment to accompany meals.

This makes our products more healthy compared to the competition as the famous ‘xino nero’ is naturally extracted from beneath the earth in our area and is known to have beneficial properties for the human health. In addition, we have succeeded to reduce sugar and replace it with natural sweeteners as stevia with great taste results!

For the history, we are proud to co-own one of the biggest well in the area since the era of our grandfather Peter Dinakis who lived at the latter part of the 19th century. The first line of production of our beverages started in 1971. In 1983 the family business was re-established from Lazaros and Dimitris Dinakis which is still operates until now with the brand name “Dinakis Bros”.

Since then, we extract this gift of nature matching it with high quality greek juices and natural ingredients to arrive at the optimal result . We produce luxury beverages of high quality and taste. Our enduring experience ,technical knowledge and research are enhanced by our enthusiasm and imagination. But even most important is the love and respect that we have for the ‘art’ of beverage production that is for years our main family occupation and is passed through the generations.

Production Certification: Our production process is closely controlled and audited to ensure that products always arrive at the consumer at best quality. Also we follow a short production cycle so that products are always fresh when consumed with short expiration date. Certified from EUROCERT DIN EN ISO 22000:2005 and “ΕΛΛΑ-ΔΙΚΑ ΜΑΣ” both appropriate for product with Greek base operation,production and ownership.

Top facts about Dinakis Bros

Most important competitive advantage is the famous natural carbonated water (xino nero) that is the base ingredient for our beverages, combined with quality greek juices and other natural ingredients to arrive at top quality beverages.

In house RnD team who has managed to develop our newest range of drinks with 45% less sugar using the famous plant stevia instead.

Family business which keeps and continues traditional ways of production with focus on quality.

We keep no stock of our drinks producing upon ordering and that means fresh products with long expiry date.

We strive for top quality and we value our customers. We have the ability and flexibility to satisfy customer needs at best.


Traditional well with “Xino Nero” in Papayiannis, Florina, Owned by Petros Dinakis ,1940


The noisy, of the plain Papayiannis of the 70s, known for the “Xino Nero” of his wells, refreshed young and old Papayiannis residents since the old days and gladly offered it’s treasure to the visitors mainly on festive days. Preserved in clay pitchers, kept under the coolness of the trees of the plain, the water would accompany the workers of the land, relieving them from the summer exertion.


With the brand “AIDINIOU”, it became better known in Thessaloniki, where the main factory was. The young Dinakis Dimitris, watched step by step its construction by the experienced Italian Mechanical Engineers and set a goal to create from the beginning his own new refreshment factory.


The hard work, the big appetite, the methodical work and the small financial help for the start, helped him make his dream come true. In the summer of 1983, the factory was open under the name FLORINA -“FLORINA BEVERAGES”. The father Lazaros G. Dinakis is a tireless guardian and assistant.


From that moment until today the road has been long. The work passed on from the grandfather, to the father and then to the children, follows the path of life. The blessing of the ancestors, the gift of the earth, the will and the appetite for work of the younger ones bear fruit. Respect for “Xino Nero” has been and will always be a priority.


The production of P.E.T bottles starts taking place in our factory. At the same time the rebranding of the company is completed. A new design of the bottle, label, logo and website are included.


The natural soft drink Fiona is the First Greek soft drink which combines the famous in Greece “Xino Nero”(naturally carbonated water) of Florina with the natural greek fruit juices, and with no calories at all.


Today the Company “FLORINAS DINAKI”, spreads its wings as much as possible with the help of technology and the responsible PETROS DINAKIS continuing his work with patience, efficiency and respect having by his side his family, his daily collaborators and all the greek suppliers, who help him maintain the quality of the products.